The Vernons return with new single ‘Mistress’

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Returning to the music scene with a renewed sound, The Vernons have released their first track Mistress after a four year wait, and it’s fair to say that they do not disappoint. The Australian quartet’s highly anticipated new single will spark a chain reaction of new tracks recorded in their year off of touring last year.

Edgy riffs, uncompromising drums and infectious vocals can be heard throughout Mistress as the guitars pave the way for the rest of the instruments. Clear contrasts of minimal verses with the explosive choruses are proof that The Vernons can work any tone at any time. The lads’ growing sound combines elements of their previous success with a new, refreshing tone, keeping their excitable fan base on their toes.

The Vernons return to the music industry with a bang with the release of their fiery track Mistress.

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