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Welsh-born Bristol-based three-piece The Pleasure Dome have shared the latest single, ‘Your Fucking Smile’, the latest to be lifted from their upcoming EP, Liminal Space, set for release May 10th. The single comes after the success of their debut, Equinox, and their recent single, ‘The Duke Part II Friends & Enemies’. The Liminal Space EP is also now available for pre-order on vinyl.

The track is a furious, discordant, and loud offering from the group, revisiting a sound reminiscent of their first album, yet amplified to the max. Speaking of the single, vocalist Bobby Spender, states:

After the album, I wanted to make something that was melodic, which became the first single The Duke. I then realised wanted to see info could go heavier than the album, which is what Your Fucking Smile became.’ Spender continues, “I was really into Bernard Herrmann, who composed the score to the film, Psycho, the murder scene in particular. It uses tritones, the devil’s intonation, very dissonant sounding – so that with 210bpm I was set.

The lyrics come from a poem about someone I dated who has the best smile you ever saw, but she had a lot of insecurities and drove the relationship to the ground, so I had to walk away. Some people make you feel terrible about yourself when all you want is to share love.

It seems like these things quickly become about sex and having your confidence shattered because you’re not deserving. As I say in the chorus, yeah right.

Accompanying ‘Your Fucking Smile’, the band have also shared its partnering visual.

Liminal Space is set to be the band’s most emotive, most ambitious release to date, following a turbulent period for the band. 

New EP Liminal Space out May 10th

The Pleasure Dome have recently made their return, announcing their latest EP, Liminal Space, set for release May 10th, the first material to follow on from the band’s critically acclaimed debut album Equinox. Alongside the announcement, the band have shared the EP’s first single, ‘The Duke Part II (Friends and Enemies)’. 

Of the single, vocalist and songwriter, Bobby Spender explains:

I work in a pub alongside doing the band, sometimes it gets me down. You see people you like, people you don’t like and they’re all getting drunk and it’s easy to feel lost if you’re going through a hard time. The song has a message of hope, sometimes where you are is exactly where you need to be.

Liminal Space captures a challenging time for the band. The band’s drummer and bassist departed immediately after a successful tour and well-received album. Then, adding only insult to injury, Spender experienced the end of a romantic relationship, before being evicted from his home, all within the space of a few months. 

Instead of getting lost in thoughts of what could have been, Spender channelled his emotions into his music. This resulted in the creation of a collection of tracks that reflected this period of his life, giving birth to Liminal Space. 

The Pleasure Dome are set to play two shows after Liminal Space’s release, taking place on May 16th at London’s Victoria, and May 17th at Bristol’s The Louisiana. Tickets are on sale now.

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