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The Get Up Kids press shot by Shawn Brackbill
Credit: Shawn Brackbill

This Month, emo lovers are going to celebrate in the happiest way. On May 10th, Emo veterans The Get Up Kids return with a new full length album Problems, their first new music since the 2011 reunion album There Are Rules. Matt Pryor, James Dewees, Jim Suptic, and Rob Pope have been working on this new music for over a year and it definitely shows.

Created in the artistic town of Bridgeport, Connecticut, this album is comprised of many pop-esque songs, as well as songs as soft as a lullaby. Every song has a different rhythm, a different story that ties in perfectly with the band’s back catalogue

Waking Up Alone, one of the already released previews to the full album, is a true delight. The tune describes the feeling of peace, accepting the fact that the world changes, in ways good and bad, and the best way to get through it is to live through it. The song expresses a happy tone and light acoustic guitar displaying comfort. The lyrics “No it never gets easier, I guess I should have known that you can’t stop what is out of your control” give listeners the perfect gateway to the meaning of life message.

The Get Up Kids – Waking Up Alone

Common Ground is definitely a nod to their past releases and will most likely become a crowd favourite. The song starts soundly, casting a cinematic tone on the piece. Then the loud beat emerges, creating an up-beat momentum with very detailed lyrics. It explains the purpose of having common ground and having euphoria. The song ends slowly and comes to a complete stop, giving listeners the time to think of the world in their mind.

The Get Up Kids’ new album Problems is deliberately emotion-functional and is out as of May 10,2019.

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The Get Up Kids - Problems

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