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Sprint’s track Swimming kicks off with noise reminiscent of a siren becoming slower and slower with buzzy, hyper guitars battling against it. It throws you into the middle of a riot. It’s an immediate adrenaline kick.

The verses see a palm-muted guitar scratching along beneath a fierce vocal with those buzzy guitars popping up from time to time. The chorus, as you might expect, is explosive. Between that one guitar riff and the “hey”s it bears a striking resemblance to Nirvana’s Tourettes. If it were a slightly less degenerate version of it.

Who knew a song about swimming could be such a killer mosh pit tune?

The bridge, again seeming like a nod to punk/grunge heroes Nirvana, is structured noise rock. When played live, this bridge will be the signal to let everyone know it’s time to open up the floor. COVID permitting, a tour looks to be sooner rather than later for Sprints, with tickets already on sale for an October-November tour. I’d cop your tickets ASAP. With tunes like this, I can’t imagine tickets will be available for too long.

This track is chaotic, punchy and unapologetic – exactly what we all need right now and what we’ll definitely need once we’re all back to our normal lives. It’s the perfect song to let loose once we’re all released back into the wild. Once we’re all allowed to jump all over each other in a disgustingly beautiful beer-drenched mess.

The only way is up for this four-piece from Ireland. Not only do they capture excitement in their sound, but they then manage to impose it on the listener too.

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