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Hot off the heels of supporting Incubus on their UK tour, and opening for Muse in Canada, Softcult today return with their latest single, Drain, taken from their newly announced EP, See You In The Dark – which is set for release March 24th via Easy Life Records. 

Drain commentates on climate change and the shameless greed held by the government bodies and giant corporations that continue to fuel the issue. Featuring powerful hooks and pleasing harmonies, the duo capture the importance of climate action whilst firing shots at those who have the money and power to make a difference.


Speaking of the track, vocalist Mercedes Arn-Horn states:

It’s disgusting how making a profit is a higher priority for those in power than a sustainable environment. Seeing hollow shows of performative “action” from these world leaders and multi-million dollar companies that don’t offer any real solutions adds to my frustration because it feels like we’re being manipulated and lied to in the most disgustingly condescending way.

The track’s accompanying music video, directed by Mercedes, allows the band to further emphasise the intense reality that our generation face; a dying, exhausted planet, and capitalist gluttony.

Previous single, One Of A Million, alongside Drain, features on Softcult’s upcoming EP, See You In The Dark which encapsulates self-empowerment amidst social, political and environmental collapse.

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Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

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