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jon hill upset oh well artworkUpset (Oh Well) by Jon Hill is short and… not so sweet. A tender, depressed track that you can also bob your head along to, but also shed a tear when you zone back in and remember this is a song about someone only wanting to spend time with you when you’re not really yourself. Ultimately, they don’t really care about you.

The track is a screenshot in time that shows the drunken heartbroken ramblings to yourself in the scruffy little hotel room after the initial feelings of anger have passed and falling into an exhausted sadness.

The melancholic RnB instrumental flops along with the faint smell of liquor on its tired breath and intoxicates you with its fragile sadness and dreamy minimalist guitar.

The percussion in this one is big; rattling constantly and adding that RnB flavour without sacrificing the overall sorrowful tone of the track.

The vocal throughout is tired and a bit lazy, or as the title suggests – upset. However, this is what gives it emotion and the layered vocals only add to this further. For example, the high backing vocals in the chorus have a character to them that creates the image of the author talking through his tears.

The song perfectly captures an unhappy and difficult time and delivers it with bass that’ll make your car shake. Having released two drastically different tracks prior, it’s intriguing to think about what a full piece of work from Jon Hill would look like.

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