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Sliding down the electric guitar like a helter-skelter and landing in a warm sparkly forest is the Rice and Tangerines experience, an ambient psychedelic trip with a touch of existentialism in the lyrics like “what does it mean to survive alone?” for you to dwell on as you melt into the music.

Carey Clayton’s voice is deep and dominating through a stripped verse before the synth drops you back into that spiritual state. A female vocal then joins for a full, warm and deeply percussive chorus.

The acoustic guitar paired with the shuffling percussion that seems to mimic nature sounds creates an “earthy” feeling, and lyrics like “mother earth is mine” keep us in check with the hippy tree-hugging vibe. There’s a continuous feeling of purity throughout the track that’s only emphasised by ethereal backing vocals that sound nothing shy of angelic.

The track sounds like a piece by a well-seasoned musician who knows their way around a handful of instruments and studio equipment. This impression likely stems from the fact that this would be a fitting description of Carey Clayton, who has experience in working with other artists and writing/producing for them.

He certainly is a force to be reckoned with and Rice and Tangerines is the perfect showcase for his skills in both production and composition.

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Holly Quinn

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