Romero Release New Single, ‘Halfway Out The Door’, Debut Album, ‘Turn It On!’ out this April

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Melbourne power-pop foursome Romero return with their latest single, Halfway Out The Door, the second to be shared from their forthcoming debut album, Turn It On!, which is set to be released on April 8th.

Halfway Out The Door is a soulful, 70’s-tinged, ballad that nods to the likes of J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and Memphis, that further exemplifies the theme of a ‘fork in the road’ that remains prevalent throughout the album. 

Reflecting on the track, vocalist Alanna Oliver reflects:

I dated this guy on and off for years, who wouldn’t leave me but wouldn’t exactly love me either. ‘Halfway’ is written about him and my eventual commitment to myself.

Accompanying the release, Romero have also shared the track’s music video, a mesmerising visual created by Megan O’Keefe, depicting a highly saturated Melbourne romance. 

Speaking of the video, O’Keefe states:

Dave [drums] had a strong vision and pushed to use my mum’s old Panasonic camcorder to film this video. It makes for an authentic storyline and the aesthetic of this footage was really fun to play within the edit. This is an emotional song, the ‘flashback’ footage helps convey that. This video is beautiful chaos, take from it what you will.

Turn It On! Is set to see Romero reach new heights, refusing to keep the foot off the pedal – propelled by the vocal delivery of Alanna Oliver. Thematically, the record deals with endlessly restarting, resisting controlling forces in the breakdown of a relationship and the strain of uncertainty. 

Debut Album ‘Turn It On!‘ out on April 18th

Melbourne power-pop group Romero announce their highly anticipated, debut, album, Turn It On!, a record made for lost souls who feel as if they’re stuck at a fork in the road, set to be released on April 8th via Feel It Records / Cool Death Records. 

Alongside the announcement, the band has also recently shared the album’s title track. Featuring high levels of swagger which is propelled by a hint of cowbell, Turn It On is set to see listeners wanting to head to the nearest dancefloor. Accompanying the release, Romero have also shared the tracks music video, directed by Triana Hernandez, that transports you to a world of 80’s nostalgia.

Speaking of the release, lead vocalist Alanna Oliver states:

I was watching a Debbie Harry [Blondie] documentary and one of the quotes was ‘she just gets on stage and she turns it on.’ As soon as I heard this I paused it and started writing. The lyrics flowed effortlessly. It was such a simple idea to channel that inner power. When I sing this song I am now a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

With the release of Turn It On!, Romero revel in their ‘present tense’ nostalgia. Alanna guides her profound verses throughout unforgettable, earworm riffs that are reminiscent of heavy-hearted classics of the CBGBs era punk, glam, and pop.

Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

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