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viola beachThere is nothing that hasn’t been said about the tragedy that took the lives of Viola Beach and their manager, so I am going to get straight into the music. The album consists of nine tracks released on the bands label, three of which had already been released either officially or as a demo on the bands soundcloud. The other six are songs that had not been released to the public before.

This collection of nine tracks proves something that many of us already knew about Viola Beach, they were onto something. Something that very likely could’ve rocketed them to greatness. Something that could’ve replicated the trajectory to success that Arctic Monkeys found 10 years ago.

Video: Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

Viola Beach were a band with so much ahead of them, so much talent, passion and creativity at hand and this is on vast display in these nine tracks. There are songs that feel unfinished, but there is enough here to show that the future was incredibly promising for Viola Beach. There is so much on this album to enjoy and love, but a subtle sadness that overcomes you when you realize that this is it. The final collection of tracks from a band with huge potential that were only just getting started.

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Viola Beach - Viola Beach

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