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Credit: Renata Raks
Credit: Renata Raks

Local Natives are somewhat of an enigma, you never quite know what to expect. Their first album, Gorilla Manor, was one of energy and positivity. Their sophomore album, Hummingbird, was a gloomy one and came following the death of one of their lead singers mother, and the bass player leaving the band.

The circumstances surrounding the second album would never really inspire a positive sound. Different from the lovely, fluttery, colorful debut, Hummingbird was still an excellent piece of work. Local Natives are now at it again, with their third album Sunlit Youth.

Anyone who read my review of Hummingbird over three years ago will know how highly I rate the Californian group. Hummingbird took some adjustment following the nature of their first album, their third is not the same.

Video: Local Natives – Villainy

The singles released by the band have been extraordinary, some of the best songs the band have released. The phenomenal Past Lives came first, then Villainy, a song about having the ability to “change your situation” and start new everyday, according to guitarist Ryan Hahn.

He also spoke of how the band used this mentality to make the album. You can feel this mentality throughout the album, no two songs sound the same. Every song sounds fresh and alive, nothing feels as if it has been recycled into another song.

Every song connects with you in a different way, but once you finish the final track on the album, Sea of Years, you feel ready to go again. Their is a refreshing vibe to this album, one that makes you feel as if everything will work out in the future. Sunlit Youth is a wonderfully crafted album that keeps your ears happy, and leaves you hungry for more.


Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

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