Credit: Sebastian Ervi
The Wombats at PIAS Nite Paris, March 8th 2018
Credit: Sebastian Ervi Photography

The Wombats are currently celebrating their fourth album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life with a massive world tour. On March 8th, they performed in Paris at La Maroquinerie alongside UK solo artist Wildes and French electro-pop band Pendentif during a sold out show organised by PIAS Nites.

Wildes entered the stage with her electric guitar, saying that it’s her first time performing in France. After a few songs, she welcomed a pianist on stage and they performed the last couple of songs together.

After Wildes’ nice and calm opening, Pendentif entered the stage and transfered their energy onto the crowd. Part of the audience already knew the band and a lot of people were dancing, especially during songs like Rétroviseur (Rear-view mirror) and L’Originel (The Original). Each member was moving, dancing and jumping during every second of the set. Singer Julia Jean-Baptiste frequently spoke about the International Women’s Day and enjoyed throwing her plastic bottle to the ground after every sip.

When The Wombats took the stage, the crowd exploded. The band started out with album opener Cheetah Tongue. People began to sing along and jump around so that a few girls from the front row were allowed to come up and sit on stage.

The concert’s momentum was the penultimate song, the iconic Let’s Dance to Joy Division, which was also the most energetic one. A lot of people were crowdsurfing, and bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen went wild and dropped his microphone at the end of the song. Greek Tragedy closed the set and although they did not come back for an encore, The Wombats made this PIAS Nites a night to remember.


  1. Cheetah Tongue
  2. Give Me A Try
  3. Kill The Director
  4. Lemon To A Knife Fight
  5. Jump Into The Fog
  6. Black Flamingo
  7. Moving to New York
  8. English Summer
  9. Turn
  10. Tokyo
  11. Let’s Dance To Joy Division
  12. Greek Tragedy

Photos: Sebastian Ervi

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