Ballet School Boys AgainAt the end of last year we introduced you to a DIY pop trio based in Berlin called Ballet School. Back then we were captivated by their then free download single Ghost (which is now on the EP under the name Ghost Child).

The trio comprising Rosie, (from Ireland), Michel (Japanese-Brazilian) and Louis (originally from Leeds, UK) since dotted the line with Bella Union (Concrete Knives, Explosions In The Sky). The band released their debut EP titled Boys Again through Bella Union on October 18th. The four track EP marks a brilliant development from their early self-released stuff.


If I hadn’t known better, I’d thought I was listening to a release from the 80s rather than a contemporary band. From start to finish, the EP sounds like the music my parents would listen to when I was a child.

On Heartbeat Overdrive and Yaoi Rosie Blair’s voice isn’t far removed from the vocals of Cindy Lauper or even a young Madonna. Indeed, Heartbeat Overdrive could be a hit on the charts placed between Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Papa Don’t Preach.

Although the songs rely heavily on steady drum beats and of course the obligatory synths, the lyrics are clever pensive and occasionally convey a certain melancholy (Ghost Child).

Boys Again is a perfect pop EP relishing in the sound of another decade. Ballet School don’t add anything new to the equation but excel at reproducing something that their parents must have loved when they were young. If you’re into that type of sound, you can’t go wrong with Boys Again.

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Ballet School are to join Oh Land on their current German dates.


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