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Razorlight press shot 2018 by Andy Hughes
Credit: Andy Hughes

After a ten year hiatus and several solo carriers, Razorlight’s long-awaited fourth album Olympus Sleeping was released on October 26th, 2018 via Atlantic Culture Records.

The Adam Green Skit opens the album asking a genie for a “Razorlight album that doesn’t totally suck.” Thankfully, the genie delivered. Olympus Sleeping is party rock with punk qualities. If you need a sonic release, this album is where you’ll find it. The track, Brighton Pier, showcases João Mello’s bass line that begs you to follow.

Carry Yourself is a self-confidence boost in 3:53 minutes while vocalist Johnny Borrell sends the message “you gotta carry yourself”  into the life of anyone who listens. Midsummer Girl would pair well with a summer fling in the 50s if not for the ska vibes.

Olympus Sleeping is vitamin D in your headphones. It’s bright enough to resurrect a dead mood on a dark fall evening. It is entirely relatable and the lyrics know what you’re going through. Razorlight’s album is worth the wait.

Razorlight Olympus Sleeping cover artwork

Razorlight - Olympus Sleeping

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Kendra Brea Cooper

kendra brea cooper

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