Jacob Allen, known more so as Puma Blue, suffers for his craft. Whether he is battling depression or putting himself under physical exertion to get the perfect shot for his music videos, the London-born performer endures pain both internally and externally to produce his most authentic, truthful compositions.

Such a profound ethos finds its resonance in every fibre of his latest opus, ‘Holy Waters.’ With a masterful touch, Allen proves that true artistry lies in doing more with less. The album exudes an ineffable poignancy, a testament to his unwavering commitment to authenticity.

The hallmark of ‘Holy Waters’ is its exceptional intimacy. The way Allen crafts his tracks makes you feel that you are sitting there in the room with him, watching him ache over his craft until the early hours of the morning. This is especially present in ‘Oh, The Blood,’ where the artist’s sniff remains unedited as if inviting the listener into an intimate, unfiltered moment. It’s akin to bearing witness to a whispered confession, an unguarded communion between creator and listener.

Allen doesn’t shy away from big noise, however. In ‘Hounds,’ we collide with a saxophone solo that feels like a breath of fresh air amongst an otherwise more peaceful composition. It’s as though you’ve plunged into an ice bath on a hot day, interrupting the powerful rays of the sun. 

The track ‘Gates (Wait For Me)’ changes path halfway through, with Allen deciding to end his vocals and allowing the instrumentation to absorb the spotlight. With a piano that sounds like rainfall, and a grimy guitar wailing the repeating chords, you’re forced into a moment of reflection and introspection as the musical calvary marches through your mind.

The true alchemy lies in Allen’s ability to evoke profound emotional resonance. Each track on ‘Holy Waters’ harbours a moment that can penetrate the soul, if you allow it. In his siren call, listeners find themselves ensnared, dancing on the edge of vulnerability, surrendering to the serenade with an unexpected sense of safety and warmth.

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