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Now is the perfect teen anthem. Frustrated and pained, with vocals that seem, at times, to be over dramatic giving it a certain edge that we don’t see so often in music with such otherwise delicate and dreamy qualities. PRIESTGATE have created a deeply impressive track that would elegantly suit the fit of a coming of age movie.

Splashed with simple, reverbed guitar lines and Robs incredibly unique voice that drips with pure despair and passion, we have the picture of a broken young person who feels abandoned shouting over a beautiful nostalgic instrumental. The harsh vocals on top of the much softer instrumental forces a lovely juxtaposition that really highlights the qualities of each instrument. Only just holding back from a scream at “just go”, we can feel the weight of emotion that lives within this piece.

Not only does it possess all the qualities for us to fall in love with it but its anthemic and it’ll definitely create a lively atmosphere once we’re allowed back at venues. Its double personality allows us to manipulate the song into being our “happy” song or our “sad” song, kind of like something by The Stone Roses but a bit more aggressive. With such incredible energy on the vocals and such an ethereal instrumental its incredibly exciting to think about what PRIESTGATE will do with their music going into the future. Surely, they’ll find it a challenge to top this one.

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Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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