Premiere: Touts release new single Sold Out (Video)


Touts is one hell of a band name. Anyone who’s ever been to a gig in the UK will immediatally think of those bastards who sell overprised tickets for your favourite band. The Irish definition is slightly different and refers to someone who informs the police of illegal activities.

“Touts will be shot” an all to familiar slogan on the walls of Northern Irelands which has now been reclaimed by Touts, a rising Irish punk band from Derry consisting of teenagers Matthew Crossan, Jason Feenan and Luke McLaughlin.

They describe themselves as “a singer that can’t sing, a mod that can’t play bass & a drummer that can’t see” but that’s quite the understatement. Their first single Sold Out was released on April 4th via Hometown Records and sounds like a perfect homage to The Clash and The Ramones.

It’s no wonder then that the band’s live reputation in Northern Ireland has spread like wild fire and has seen them sell out venues to masses of kids throughout the province without releasing any music. Touts have since played with Blossoms and Cabbage and have just played their first ever London show at The Camden Assebmly.

Today they drop a video for Sold Out which we have the pleasure of premiering. Watch below.

Video: Touts – Sold Out

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre