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PJ LaMariana, though a lauded name in the jam band world, is just now making his entrance as a solo artist — and he’s starting off as strong as humanly possible. On his debut single, Cold War, the New York City-based bassist fires on all cylinders, seamlessly blending funk that Stevie Wonder would be proud of as well as a reminder of Americana’s spellbinding qualities.

The track gets right to it, screening an infectious bassline, funk galore and an organ that effortlessly provokes listeners’ feet to tap. LaMariana hops on the groove train and gapes his mouth, unleashing the world’s first official look into his vocals — and they’re phenomenal, soft and subtle yet pack a punch. He dives into his feelings since his significant other departed: full of melancholy and solitude, comparing them to a “cold war,” lifeless and bleak without the feeling of his partner in his arms anymore.

Though they promised him their friendship will remain intact, LaMariana can’t help but think of the future he envisioned for them: blooming with love and contentment. However, LaMariana asks “Can we find out yesterday?” not wanting to come to terms with the end of a beautiful thing while simultaneously not wanting to waste any time with the healing process.

 After spliced instrumentals of invigorating guitar solos and drum patterns, LaMariana continues ranting to the wall, wanting to spill everything to his ex but not being able to muster up the strength. The track fades out with gentle echoes of “yesterday,” cleverly hinting that he’s holding on to the moments when everything felt right.

Cold War is a preview of LaMariana’s impending album, For You. Though this is only the beginning for him, one thing’s for certain: his success is imminent, and it won’t fade any time soon.


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Maria Herrera

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