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Credit: Thom Undrell
Credit: Thom Undrell
Credit: Thom Undrell

PHORIA are a Brighton-based electro-pop quintet who have just released Everything Beta, the latest single from their debut album Volition which is out on June 3rd.

PHORIA’s music is not easily described. It meanders between pop and electronica and is somewhat related to that of Sigur Ros or Man Without Country.

The trio at the core of PHORIA consists of mastermind Trewin Howard (vocals/production), empowered with synaesthesia and once afflicted with a mysterious – still undiagnosed – illness that left his senses frayed and mind on edge, Jeb Hardwick (guitar, visuals), and Ed Sanderson (keyboard, vocals).

The trio were actually classmates in primary school where they were classically trained before they became adept electronic musicians. Fast forward to 2010, they were joined by Tim Douglas (bass, synth) and Seryn Burden (drums) and PHORIA was born.

With three EPs under their belt, PHORIA are finally ready to release their debut album on X Novo Records (UK) and Humming Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) on June 3rd.


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