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Breakout UK Band One Nine Drops Radio-Worthy New Single

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one nine band press photo 2019

one nine band press photo 2019 New pop-influenced duo One Nine has definitely created a radio worthy hit with it’s latest release Difficult Days. Listen below.

In showing the world what they can do with their latest catchy single, One Nine has embarked on what is expected to be a successful journey into the music industry. The beginning of the band’s first release, Difficult Days is already alluring enough on it’s own, featuring a fast-picked guitar riff, which quickly fades into the first verse.


Complete with a grounding bass line, the upbeat electric guitar and pop-rock synth fuse perfectly with the song’s compelling, relatable lyrics. As the track kicks up, two well-harmonized voices can be heard singing the words “You had the world to convince, it’s so corrupt this time, And now you’re losing your grip, support is hard to find, Gotta make your own luck” — quite a perfect description of the overwhelming emotions of a ‘difficult day.’

Whether listeners are in the mood for a track to free them from their own bad day, or simply just a new song to dance and sing along to, One Nine’s song acts as the perfect pick-me-up.

One Nine will be performing at The Garage, Glasgow, on the 3rd of August. Get tickets through the band’s Facebook page.

One Nine – Difficult Days


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