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Canada rockers NOBRO announce their new EP, Live Your Truth, Shred Some Gnar, which is set to be released on February 23rd. The new EP follows on from the release of December’s single, Julia. To tease the EP, the band have also shared a new track, in the shape of Bye Bye Baby.

New preview, Bye Bye Baby, is another raucous number inspired by guitarist, and vocalist, Karolane Carbonneu’s breakup. The track sees Carbonneu take lead with catchy vocals, and pairs them with standout instrumentation.

Talking about the EP, bassist and vocalist Kathryn McCaughey states

When I’m listening to music, I just want it fucking loud. So, I think it’s important to us to offer music that can be played extremely loud and that’s the foundation of all these new songs. The biggest difference between this EP and Sick Hustle is that we recorded each song one at a time, rather than doing all the drum tracks one day and all the bass tracks another day. I think it gives each song a more distinctive vibe.

The new EP was mixed by two time Grammy award winning engineer, Dave Schiffman, who has previously worked with the likes of Vampire Weekend, Haim and Adele.

Julia features lead vocalist Kathryn McCaughey’s flamboyant, confident yell and combines that with fierce and intense bass lines which are held together by Sarah Dion’s signature drums, exciting riffs from guitarist Karolane Carbonneu and stunning keyboard and bongo solos from percussion-master Lisandre Bourdages, cementing NOBRO as a rock n roll force.

Speaking about previous single, Julia, McCaughey states:

The song almost wrote itself, The ‘Julia-ya ya’ hook had been in my head for a couple days and with the help of our producer Thom D’Arcy we put together enough of a demo to make the song make sense, but the real magic happened when we went to record it. We couldn’t decide on a speed at first because our normal ‘shred your face off’ pace wasn’t the vibe, but then we decided it was OK to live life mid-tempo. And voilà, the song was born.

The formation of NOBRO came to be as Kathryn started the band, almost as a challenge to herself after the demise of her relationship with a prominent Montreal based musician, wanting herself to be ‘more than just a footnote on a Wikipedia page’. After finding her fellow band members, there was a realisation that they were all ignited by each other – helping them to become one of the most exciting rock bands around right now.

With the release of Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar, NOBRO are to cement themselves as a band that are continuously re-writing the narrative, always poised to make a lasting statement.

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