Nia Wyn - Press Shot for Love I Can't Ruin This new artist is likely fed up of hearing comparisons to Amy Winehouse but with such a rich, raw vocal tone and painful lyricism, it’s fairly easy for the listener to quickly recognise the similarities. Nia Wyns’ Love I Can’t Ruin is the title track from her upcoming EP, out 19 February. This track, released just a few days ago, is a beautiful confession through which Wyn reveals her concerns about ruining a relationship after revealing secrets to her love interest.

The track features occasional rattlesnake sounding percussion, a plump bassline plodding along all the way to the end, bright keys, and a bit of brass every now and then to accentuate the guitar. “Wanna be my girl? I’m so lonely ” she admits with such a gentle vulnerability before quickly bouncing back to her charismatic storytelling, drawing in the listener and holding their attention while still taking the time to gift the song with the emotion it deserves. It’s a heartbreaking story, I’m sure many can relate to placed over an instrumental almost similar in feeling to Lily Allen’s Smile, a soulful, sunny, and playful number that gets your head bopping.


Modern with nods to old school influences Love I Can’t Ruin is a sort of homage to the names that helped shape Wyn’s style and also a fantastic display of what can be done when you mash genres together as a young, talented artist who has “that something” about them.

The Love I Can’t Ruin EP will most definitely further boost Nia Wyn’s popularity if this single is anything to go by. It’s exciting to see what such a talent could bring to the world of music and with years ahead of her she has all the time she needs to prove herself and work her way to the top.


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Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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