Is Netflix’s Bloodwitch a real band?

This post includes SPOILERS for the Netflix show "I Am Not Okay With This"

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Stanley (l.) and Syd (r.) listening to Bloodwitch (© Netflix)

On the new Netflix teen mystery drama “I Am Not Okay With This”, we are introduced to Bloodwitch, the favourite band of Stanley, neighbour, friend and sort of love interest of main character Syd. The show is based on the comic of the same name by Charles Forsmen and premiered on Netflix on February 26th 2020.

In Season 1, 17 year old Sydney Novak (portrayed by IT star Sophia Lillis) not only needs to come to terms with puberty and her sexual orientation, but also with what appears to be superpowers. Her neighbour Stanley Barber (Wyatt Oleff who also starred in IT) is the only person to know of her special abilities.

Early in the series, Stanley and Syd bond over a band called Bloodwitch. Their song Hey Little Girl had already been featured in a teaser for the show and left people wondering who this band is.

Bloodwitch aren’t a real band. The songs were composed and performed by Graham Coxon (of Blur), who also wrote the music for Netflix’s “The End Of The F*cking World”, and 16-year-old vocalist Tatyana Richaud. Coxon and Richaud ended up recording a whole Bloodwitch album, which is now streaming on Spotify.

Reminiscent of Blondie, The Velvet Underground and Jesus And The Mary Chain, Coxon created a full blown 80s sound for the TV band. Who knows, with Season 2 of “I Am Not Okay With This” yet to be confirmed, we might hear more Bloodwitch in the future. Perhaps they will even appear on the show or sell their own vinyl and merchandise?

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