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Nadia Sheikh and band have just toured with Stereophonics
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Nadia Sheikh just dropped her brand new five track EP Everybody Hears But No One’s Listening over the weekend and it’ll surely rock you right into spring. The EP was produced by Nigel Walker and Jamie Morrison and created with her band Rowan Davies (bass), George Gardiner (drums) and Lorenzo Passarella (guitar).

Sheikh’s collection features her rich and catchy single Get Away, which feels like a personal fight for freedom. We’re given a beautiful voice backed by a steady drum beat that carves a path of escape for Sheikh. You’ll be vibrating by the end of the song. She gives us a glimpse into what this group of tracks mean to her:

‘Everybody Hears But No One’s Listening’ is a very eclectic mix of songs, they are all very dear to me and the lyrics are very personal to me too. Some come from personal experiences and others are my observations of the world. They’re all very poppy but you have the rockier side with tracks like ‘Toxic’ and ‘Get Away’ and the more intimate part with the bonus track ‘The Wire.’ They’re all very different but it all connects and is very representative of myself as an artist and songwriter, and also the sound the boys and I currently have.

Nadia Sheikh is cracking her inner world open and putting it on display through her artistry.  The third track, Break Free, moves us through a haunting call for change with bluesy guitar riffs. The fourth track, The Wire, showcases Sheikh’s incredible voice and range. Everybody Hears But No One’s Listening isn’t just a collection of songs, it is a story about someone on the cusp of something big.

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Kendra Brea Cooper

kendra brea cooper

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