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Having already spent the majority of last year releasing a batch of upbeat poop-rock belters including Jack Kerouac and Castles, Newcastle-based outfit Mosaic Sun now kick off their new year with their latest euphoric offering Deeper Breaths.

Following in the fresh and uplifting footsteps of The 1975, Deeper Breaths sees the Tyneside outfit return in stellar form. Filled with glossy guitars and soaring synths, their newest release is the perfect accompaniment to these sun-kissed days ahead.

So with their name doing the rounds once again, we caught up with the group to find out more about their latest release and what they have planned for the months ahead.

Hi guys, how has the lockdown been treating you so far?

Got struck down with symptoms early on- now I feel like I’m invincible! Gosh it’s a beast of an illness.

For those that aren’t aware of you yet, what has been the biggest inspiration behind your sound and how would you describe it?

I think we built the sound based on what we felt was getting people going at gigs. So we would gig and then chat about what worked and what did not. The thing is most of the time when you gig at this stage, people are seeing you for the first time so you need music that gets straight in there. We plan to have more variety and eclecticism when choosing the tracks for the album.

You just released your new single ‘Deeper Breaths’ after a few months away. What was the driving force behind that new release?

That song was a bit of a surprise. When we recorded it we thought it’s not bad. And then, it kind of grew on us and we really warmed to its unassuming but truthful underlying message- get me out of here, anywhere, just make it new. We think it’s a grower…given the chance.

And do you think that you’ll release it as part of a new album soon?

Yep. We plan to have an album out for late November. We will release another track next month to build on this initial momentum. It’s another upbeat number.

While the lockdown has everyone’s plans up in the air right now, what do you hope to achieve before the end of the year?

We want to build a good relationship with blogs and publications as well as to see our fan base grow beyond our nearest and dearest plus 50, you know? Ha-ha. We gigged with Red Rum Club last year and we have seen how quickly that can happen.

And finally, what have you found is the easiest way to stay creative right now?

Well we have been getting added to more and more playlists so we are actually taking the time to enjoy the other artists on the playlists. Also we are hoping to cover another local artist next month, which meant we had to listen to loads of local acts before deciding on our choice. Lastly we will be doing acoustic videos where we amalgamate individual performances into one video- they look so cool- love ‘em.

Mosaic Sun’s latest single Deeper Breaths is available to stream and download now. Have a listen to it below.

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