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Today, Molly Burch has shared her latest single, ‘Tattoo’, the third offering from her upcoming new album Daydreamer, which is set for release on September 29th via Captured Tracks. 

Dedicated to her late best friend Lena, who sadly died in 2009, and how Molly went on to get a tattoo that she had in the same place. An ethereal ballad that features a sweeping harp and backing vocals from Hannah Kim, Molly goes on to state about ‘Tattoo’:

I wrote this song for my best friend Lena who passed away when we were 19. She was truly the most special person I’ve ever known. It’s hard to describe her. She was the most fearless, daring person who did anything for a laugh. For example, on our senior year scavenger hunt, she got a teacher’s name tattooed on her ass. That isn’t the tattoo I’m referring to in this song, though. Before she passed she got a symbol on her breastbone that meant ‘no fear.’ After she passed I decided to get the same tattoo in the same place so I would always have her close to my heart and remember to not be afraid. I wrote this song for her because Daydreamer is about my relationship to music and she was the first person I played music with. I hope it does her justice.

Accompanying the track, Molly has also shared the single’s music video – created by herself alongside Lena’s sister. A comforting track and video that perfectly embodies the emotions gone through in different stages of grief. 

New album Daydreamer out on September 29th

The track follows on from previous single, ‘Unconditional’, the second to be taken from her previously announced album, Daydreamer, which is set for release on September 29th via Captured Tracks. The release of ‘Unconditional’ follows on from the success of the album’s lead single, ‘Physical’.

A track that may seem simple at its surface:

‘Unconditional’ is built of sharp synths, garage-rock-inspired drums and a funky bassline which make for a fun, playful listen. Yet as Molly Burch describes the track, it is revealed that it isn’t as simple as it may originally appear ‘This song is a traditional unrequited love song but I wrote it thinking about how I feel as a working artist in today’s climate. A big part of pursuing a creative job is being okay with the roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes things feel positive and sometimes you feel a lot of rejection. This is my way of expressing that through a narrative of not being seen or appreciated by a person you were romantic with.

The single arrives with its accompanying music video, which shows Molly and her friends hanging out, playing with an Ouija board, and partaking in a pillow fight whilst wearing brightly coloured robes, the spirit of a warm Summer evening spent with friends.

Accompanying the album, Molly Burch is to head out on tour across the United States, performing at 18 shows starting in her birthplace, Austin, Texas, and finishing in her now hometown of Los Angeles. 

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