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Meet MIYA MIYA, a band who, despite the current bleak situation, are aiming to make 2020 their year. They have just dropped their debut single Underwater. Accompanied with a stunning visual music video (and a lighthearted behind the scenes clip), it’s clear that this quartet are working hard behind closed doors to showcase their talent. Watch and listen below,

A perfect fusion of slick synths, shimmering guitars and animated harmonies, Underwater sets MIYA MIYA’s career off to a promising start and has already attracted over 10,000 streams online. Beginning with a soft, gentle opening, the track builds until the chorus explodes with sound and passion, guaranteed to get anyone dancing along. Underwater isn’t the four piece’s first jab at the music industry however, and this talented team have written songs for other artists, including Jonas Blue’s All Night Long, proving their success at writing music.

MIYA MIYA’s debut single proves that big things are to come from the four piece, and their unique songwriting means that, unlike other Britpop bands, they can breathe Underwater.

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