Following on from their debut album, Good To See You, New York five piece Meyru today return with their new single At Some Point. Lazily strummed chords, a bit of feedback, and simple effective drums awake the song to a sound similar to that of The Strokes debut; if The Strokes were maybe a bit more upset and delicate.

The sound is gentle, nostalgic, and holds your hand with a lump in its throat. As the track develops and the story unwinds you see that indie film about teenage romance. The boy shuts the door of his messy room and flings himself onto the bed and stares at the ceiling, fighting back tears, earphones in. This song is undeniably the cute, teary, indie banger you’ve been waiting for. The song you’ll listen to when maybe you’re not quite alright.


Ultimately, At Some Point is simple but does its job – gets you in your feelings. The guitar sounds like someone trying to reach something but just as they’re about to touch it, it slips another inch away. The lyrics are quite interesting in that there doesn’t really seem to be any structure. No chorus, no repetition, and the simple words give the lyrics a conversational tone which just makes it feel all that more personal.

The vocals also contribute to this in being fairly simple, soft and easy to sing along to. The production on the track is also extremely complementary to their sound, dreamy cymbals, and the reverbed vocals for example really pull the track together. This poignant tune will easily earn its spot on your sad Spotify playlist.



Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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