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luna bec come over tonight artworkLuna Bec’s new single Come Over Tonight is about loving someone unconditionally, holding their burdens and accepting them. Like everyone, they have badness in them, rage, sadness, and hate yet the narrator offers them a safe haven. This is a song that lures you in with its acceptance.

Percussion is a huge benefactor to this track, adding layers and intimacy. The distant bangs trip over its own echos and the warmth from the vocals and full bass reaches out and ignites a spark in the twigs in the campfire that give the piece its crackly percussion.

The song rattles and clicks on with a fragile tremolo-picked guitar to represent fragility. Waves and waves of sounds, all chaotic, that should clash, intertwine and fall into step for this delicious harmony.

Lyrics like “bring yourself, the parts you cannot love, I will kiss them” drench you in motherly warmth and acceptance while the instrumental provides the sense of chaos and adventure you discover with a lover. “No matter who you are, I’ll be there for you” Luna Bec tenderly reassures.

They perfectly capture a sense of calm and understanding which really completes the character of this song. It allows you to fall into the scene in which it creates and bare your soul to the song that promises to hold your burdens. A true love song.

Production-wise, the song is crisp and clean but still manages to maintain its warmth. The vocals are warm and soft and ever so slightly touched with various, fairly subtle effects. However, the real success in production is that despite there being so many elements to this track, you can hear everything. Every little inhale, the plucking of the strings, even the faintest of sounds are easily identified, which is compulsory for such an intimate track.

Come Over Tonight by Luna Bec is available via all digital retailers.

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