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Jack Balfour Scott returns with new solo project LEAP

Where The Silence Goes has potential to become a classic amongst those in the rock and indie scenes. Opening with that soft piano and the fuzzy electric drums, it’s clear from the start you’re in for an emotional ride. Jack Balfour Scott, formerly of The Mispers and who is now LEAP, has a unique voice that only adds to the tension brought by the distant electric guitar in the background. As a backing vocal joins, the excitement builds as the song reveals itself to be something special. 

The chorus smashes you in the back of the head. Strong vocals, a heavy bass presence, and a meaty riff, you can straight away imagine how powerful this track would be live. Tensions are kept high after the second chorus with wiry, unsettling guitars and a booming bass. Likely produced with the intention of a big, loud chorus, it’s safe to say that they achieved the desired effect.

Such a demanding track, Where The Silence Goes forces you into a state of fiery passion with an edgy, gloomy tint, due, in part, to the lyrics. The lyrics accurately reflect the instrumentation with unsettling, powerful lines such as “my girl’s got no reflection” conjuring up imagery of vampires, fitting for the sharp guitars in the post-chorus. It’s hard to feel like you’ve any energy left by the time the song ends, it feels as though it snatches it all from you. 

Where The Silence Goes is the kind of song the repeat button was made for, a song to live in. It’s definitely within the realm of possibility that LEAP end up being the next big thing, complete with a unique voice and a solid approach to songwriting. So, on that note, bring on the next LEAP track!

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Holly Quinn

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