Today has seen experimental post-punk band, Krush Puppies, release their latest single Love Kills The Demons – taken from their debut EP of the same name, set for release on 6th May. Partnering with the release of the single, and the announcement of the EP, the four-piece have also announced their singing to Holm Front – the record label run by Sports Team, home to the likes of Walt Disco and Personal Trainer, and many more.

The single is vocalist and bassist, Alexa Daly’s acknowledgment about night terrors that she had been having for years, which kept her up at night as she saw different shapes in the darkness. The night terrors then began to disappear when she met her partner, suddenly disappearing due to the safety she found in his presence.


Speaking of the track, Alexa states:

This faceless shadowy figure would sit at the end of the bed and wake me by pushing on my chest so that I was gasping for air. I used to be up all night, then I met someone and suddenly I started sleeping all the way through, soundly next to him. I guess I suddenly felt safe, which feels very soppy now I’m having to write it down. But I can’t describe this overwhelming sense of peace that I felt almost instantly. I came into the studio with the chords and melody, then we all finished it that day.

The new track is partnered with its accompanying music video, based on guitarist and vocalist Jenny Wells witnessing her mum’s adult baptism in a pool. The video takes inspiration from old 60’s TV music shows like that of ‘The Porter Wagoner Show’, except with a much smaller budget.

The EP, Love Kills The Demons, is written about letting go of the bad in order to make room for the good. The EP mimics their heavy live atmosphere, with the recordings allowing the band to explore layers of ethereal harmonies that are often hard to capture on a stage.

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Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

Katie Macbeth is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre based out of Manchester, presenter of @drunktankthink, and post punk enthusiast.

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