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Following on from their debut single In Paris, infectious indie rock quartet Killing Roy extend on their compelling guitar riffs with more confidence and power in Applier. 2019 saw the beginning of their musical journey, and the combination of regularly gigging with the release of their debut single gave the quartet a promising start.

Applier is an exciting, fast paced tune guaranteed to have any crowd crashing through the floor. It’s clear that Killing Roy have returned bigger and better, and they utilise all of their instruments in order to create a gritty finished product. Lead guitarist George Woodford plays electrifying riffs in all of the right spaces, and these riffs dance alongside Mason’s complimentary bass line and Cowling’s punching drum beats.

Vocalist Kel Bennett displays powerful, louder lyrics and his vocals appear effortless. Not only do the lads play their instruments to the limit, but they also cleverly use silence in the song in order to accompany Bennett’s vocals. This is particularly effective at building the atmosphere until the chorus, and makes it easy to imagine this track played live.

An impressive second track with an intoxicating instrumental section and powerful lyrics ensures that Killing Roy are a band to watch out for.

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