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Amends is the fourth consecutive single from fresh-faced Adelaidean artist JesseMelancholy, impressively blending soft-rock and pop-punk elements together into a heartfelt and slick musical product. Usually sticking to a more recognizably hyperpop structure, Jesse opts for a more stripped back and intimate arrangement in ‘Amends’, producing a song comparable to that of the more acoustic Good Charlotte tracks, while keeping very true to his guns lyrically. Self-described as a “depressing rollercoaster”.

Recently garnering recognition from independent hyperpop giant Aries, and tastemaker and curator CultatMidnite, Jesse has made an impact in a remarkably short time frame, having only just released his debut single in December 2022 – all while unsigned and unmanaged. JesseMelancholy is a master at writing simple, direct lines that don’t read as hits on paper, but are delivered with such finesse that it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, because he makes you feel it either way. Lyrically, the song deals with themes of regret and bad choices, is an apology letter, as you might guess, about trying to make amends with someone you’ve hurt. This is carried well in Jesse’s voice, a delivery packed full of emotion and forlorn remorse, with the chest-vocal bringing that extra pop-punk feel when paired with the more acoustic guitar arrangement than his previous works, and the lower tone and vocal layering on the hook being reminiscent of even glaive.

 The processing and the style of drums used in the song would make a curator almost lump into that ever-growing pocket of midwest emo indie rock, but that’s JesseMelancholy’s biggest strength, he’s hard to pin down to just one thing. This is reinforced by a lavish All Time Low-esque guitar solo in the outro by newcomer producer cultclassic, whom Jesse collaborated with specially for the song. All his songs sound similar and distinctively different at the same time, and to compare him to another artist is simply to only compare one aspect of what makes up that particular song, not his brand as a whole. Jesse brings an international appeal, not anything like what is emerging currently in Australia, which might hint at his influences not being all that local – something he’d have in common with Australia’s biggest export right now, The Kid Laroi. Melancholy also has a similar momentum to his trajectory in emerging from the underground, making a name for himself quickly in a scene some describe as ‘stagnant’, signalling that JesseMelancholy might in fact be someone you’ll be quite familiar with in a few years’ time, and is an artist you want to keep an eye on.

Amends is out June 2nd on all platforms.

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