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Portugal’s premier music and arts festival which has been taking Lisbon by storm since 2007, NOS Alive has regularly made it into Top 10 Festivals in Europe compilations.

Although it’s relatively compact compared to most festivals, it still draws indie and electronic stalwarts to it’s stages. Some of the most notable acts include Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Pearl Jam amongst others. Definitely a festival to put on your bucket list for the future.

1. Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

It’s no secret that I love Two Door Cinema Club. Having seen them perform everywhere from a grotty nightclub to the London O2 Arena, I say with complete confidence that they have one of the best live acts.

Over the last decade these indie icons have polished their atmospheric, live act to perfection, with frontman Alex Trimble often found raising a glass of red wine against an impressive light show as the crowd does the work for him. As one of their most famous songs What You Know is often the icing on the cake as the crowd descends into a wave of euphoria at the opening chords.

2. Glass Animals – Life Itself

The psychedelic pop group are perfectly suited to festival sounds. One of their more upbeat songs, Life Itself seamlessly blends Glass Animals sophisticated, smooth sound with witty lyrics.

Whilst the majority of their songs are more suited to hanging out with friends vibe, Life Itself has a euphoric chorus which effortlessly creates the urge to dance, chant and be happy. With a new album due out this summer, we would also undoubtedly been treated to new live music too.

3. Black Pumas – Fire

Black Pumas are fast becoming my favourite duo. Their single Colours has already featured on Isolation Radio, however their noise is so good it seemed only fair to feature them again.

Fire features an edgier guitar sound, but Burton’s soulful voice is as beautiful as ever. Everything about Black Pumas feels like you should be listening to them whilst driving a Chevy Camaro down a long and winding road. It’s soothing to the soul.

4. Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover

Classically trained, 20 year old Petit Biscuit or as per his birth certificate Mehdi Benjelloun is regarded as one of music’s most respected young musicians. From touring the world to playing sets at Coachella, he is living the life many teenagers only dream of and producing heart-stopping ethereal beats whilst at it.

Sunset Lover was composed when Petit Biscuit was only 15 years old but has since amassed 550 million streams, mostly due to it’s intimate, techno beats. Petit Biscuits music is a great soundtrack to a few drinks in the sunshine with friends whilst waiting for your favourite band to come on and headline.

5. The Strokes – Reptilia

Growing up The Strokes were like mythical icons, as the enduring impact of their 2001 album Is This It dwarfed their following albums. The odd thing is, despite them being at one time the biggest band in the world and then solidly holding a position in the upper echelon of band rankings, not many people I know go crazy for them.

Like much of their recent music, their latest album The New Abornmal didn’t set my world on fire however I would have to see The Strokes live if they appeared on a line up purely to hear some of those iconic guitar riffs live. I just hope that they wouldn’t be as disappointingly boring as Bloc Party

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Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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