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Heather Woods Broderick’s third solo album Invitation comes to us from the majesty of the Oregon coast on April 19th through Western Vinyl. Woods Broderick’s collaborative projects with the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Horse Feathers, Laura Gibson and Efterklang set the tone for what we can expect on this album.

She gives us a hint behind her creative thought process stating “so many of our questions will remain unanswered but if we slow down and appreciate things as they are it can provide a simplicity and an ease that inspires wonder amidst the chaos.” It is music to watch the stars to. It brings us low enough to smell the dirt while making sure we’re looking high enough to remember how insignificant our B.S. really is.

Heather Woods Broderick – Where I Lay

The first track, A Stilling Wind, gives us strings that add an all-encompassing layer to the atmosphere of the song. The guitar pushes and flows naturally, like air. While the echoes expand the song into what feels like its own environment as she asks “have I changed yet? Or do my habits still remain?”

Woods Broderick’s voice is the stand-out instrument in the track Nightcrawler as it moves flawlessly with the jazzy quality of the song. White Tail has a sound that could move inside you with the quick beats and calming vocals making for easy meditation. You can breathe with this song.

Invitation is light, ethereal, and natural. It is the sun coming up after a long night. It asks us to trust the earth again, and let it remind us of our place in time.

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Heather Woods Broderick - Invitation

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kendra brea cooper

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