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Hazel English Wake Up album artworkHazel English is dropping her debut album Wake UP! via Marathon Artists April 24th, 2020. Wake UP! was produced by Justin Raisen (Charli XCX) and Ben H. Allen (Glass Animals, Animal Collective) so it is sure to move you enough to keep you awake and aware.

The melodies on this album feel like they are lightly bouncing off her voice at the perfect pace and rhythm. There is no air left untouched by her sound, and her talent is enough to leave you breathless. There is something bold in each sweet beat.

Track two, Shaking, gives song to the more electric feelings of falling in love. She highlights the visceral through lyrics like “you’re shaking, this is an awakening, you’re shaking, I know it’s a lot to take in.” Love takes over the body along with the mind. Track seven, Like a Drug, opens with a strong drum beat that leads into a sublime and ethereal track. Track ten, Work it Out, carves a path to a solution with an eerie sound and hopeful lyrics.

Wake UP! charges through your body not with hard, in your face sound, but with gentleness and honesty. It shakes you to your core by massaging its way through your ears, bones, veins, and then finally, your heart. There is no way the world will come away from this album unaffected and asleep.

Hazel English Wake Up album artwork


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