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An ominous opening chord transports you to deep, dark space as the gentle, weepy guitar fills the gaps with splashes of vibrant nebulas. The kick drum enters, impersonating your pulse, while electronic sounds morph and disperse around the top of your head. Something 4u is exploration splashed with some profound feeling of emptiness. If we were to judge GØSPEL solely off of Something 4u, we could describe them as sounding like the slightly stranger younger sister of The XX. Listen below.

The vocals are light and fresh and weave around the music, emphasising the brooding bass and sometimes busy percussion parts. The density of the percussion in this track is definitely one of its highlights alongside the bass that would probably cave your chest in if you got to see them live. Another stand out quality of the track is the steady build to a soft climax, it’s comforting and injects a floaty feeling down each of your limbs and up to your temples, almost a spiritual experience.

The bridge is confusing and unpredictable, it feels as though the chords were forced together like a jigsaw piece into a gap a slightly different shape to the piece, but it somehow works which just adds a layer of complexity and uncertainty to an otherwise calm, simple, track. All in all, GØSPEL have built a deeply meaningful track, managing to steer the sound away from being too overwhelming but still engaging enough for you to get excited about where the song is headed in its first 10 seconds.

Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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