Drunk moshes with a sprinkle of crowd surfing suits this anthem about enjoying the company of your enemies for the adrenaline they provide. Hate Girls catapults you into a grungey, 90’s punk gig at the local skatepark with its sludgy bass tone and amp feedback to set the scene. The song leaves you pining for an era you may have never even experienced which highlights just how well Furlong managed to encapsulate all of our musical nostalgia and squish it together and mold this track out of it.

The instrumental throughout the track relies a bit on a tried and tested system. Hate Girls isn’t a particularly technical song but is still miles ahead of your basic four-chord track. Still, a super complex track with a million chords in 7/4 wouldn’t be very punk now, would it?

The lyrics throughout are effective and fitting: “I’ll be your bad guy/I’ll get you high” is definitely something you’d expect from a track like this and yet it still feels so powerful. In the way of vocals, we’ve been honored with a vocal that offers sonic satisfaction in a softer sound which allows the emphasis to be placed on the killer chorus coming in with a lot of that hard, punky energy. The line that precedes each chorus is a nice surprise to the listener with the “a-a-a-a” vocal noise, which allows the song to tap into its hidden pop side and gives it just a bit more “catchiness” and manages to get you to lip-sync along to it as you listen.

The song has a freshness to it but still references back to the classic sounds of the 90’s. It sounds like Furlong wanted to write a good song that could be described as the lovechild of grunge and punk that makes you want to jump around and that’s exactly what they’ve done. It’s hard-hitting, it’s fun, well-written and the production is fantastic. Hate Girls is available as of now, keep an eye out!

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Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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