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Having started out with a diverse influence at an early age, Melbourne young-gun Friggy is a musical triple threat, being not only a capable songwriter and vocalist, but also a producer and engineer. Drawing inspiration sonically from pop-rap acts such as Aries, and Quadeca, Friggy balances his ratio of singer-songwriter tracks and hard-hitting trap bangers better than any other 18-year-old in the suburbs. Having already released his debut album Phoenix independently in 2021, it’s safe to say Friggy has as much ambition in the scene as he does talent, making him an artist to watch out for over the coming years.

Friggy’s third single for 2022, ONE LAST LIE sounds like if Taylor Swift was a teenage boy with Finneas production, continuing the evolution of a kid making music, to a fully-fledged songwriter. Mellow lyrics over a morose piano progression, Friggy continues his pattern of laid-back, lyrically introspective hooks that any kid in the suburb can apply to themselves.

Didn’t hear a word coz you were wrong last time/sayin’ things you wouldn’t tell your therapist, I…

-Friggy, ‘ONE LAST LIE’

Friggy’s production on the song sees him straying even further from his more familiar style of trap drums and risers, and into something one might describe as closer Joji territory. The drawn-out, confident vocals mesh smoothly with the textural percussion and backing layers, into 3 minutes of easy listening that leads the listener into reminiscing on their own young dumb mistakes, as Friggy details his own navigation of the confusing world he’s growing up in (‘fighting with myself about the things that I regret, never let it go, I miss the chance I didn’t get). ONE LAST LIE sees Friggy solidify himself as a pop artist in the Melbourne scene, without succumbing to that. Friggy’s catalogue is an interesting one that takes you on a journey from his earlier hip-hop influences of 2018, into the more folky, laid-back ballad-style tracks of 2022. For an artist of his age and resources to put out the quality of work he has in what is a pretty unrecognised scene of Melbourne music, both nationally and on a wider scale, is something to take in. 

Whether you’re a fan of Friggy or not, there is one thing you cannot deny about his musical prowess in current times: no other freshly 18-year-old is doing what he’s doing right now, and if that doesn’t impress you, nothing will. We look forward to hearing future works from Friggy, as he ventures further into this unique new pocket of sound he is nailing so well. 

ONE LAST LIE is out now on all platforms via Moonlit Audio management. 

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