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The fourth track to be taken from their upcoming debut album, Down There, Folly Group has shared their latest single, ‘Pleasure Pad’ today. Accompanying the single’s release, the band announced a new US tour date run. 

Written about completely immersing yourself in a relationship, allowing yourself to become someone you wouldn’t otherwise have been, and being grateful for that, ‘Pressure Pad’ introduces another unexpected diversion to Down There – this time seeing Folly Group introduce a trumpet section.

Of the track, vocalist and drummer Sean Harper states:

Musically, Pressure Pad is a testament to how far we’ve come as collaborators. Every different kind of remote or in-the-room collaboration we’ve ever found fruitful was involved in creating this Frankenstein’s Monster of a single. Its final version arrived after months of exchanging files, ideas and needless spanners in the works. This is probably the 6th or 7th iteration of this song, and its final form was ultimately dictated by a deadline – we’d probably never have been able to call it finished otherwise. Every room in which this album was made has birthed one or more elements of Pressure Pad: Louis’s flat, Tom’s flat, our rehearsal space, the studio where we recorded the bulk of the record.

Folly Group’s self-produced debut album, set for release on Friday, January 12th, covers everything from mental health, financial stress, physical health, and the struggles faced by young people in the UK. Today, the band announce a US tour in support of the album, hitting Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Chicago, amongst others.

Folly Group US Tour Dates

  • 8 May – Brooklyn, Union Pool
  • 10 May – Montreal, L’Esco
  • 11 May – Toronto, Monarch Tavern
  • 13 May – Chicago, Hideout
  • 15 May – Los Angeles, Gold Diggers

The track follows on from previous single, ‘Strange Neighbour’, following on from their highly-praised debut EP ‘Awake and Hungry’, and last year’s EP, ‘Human And Kind’, which received critical acclaim from the likes of Dork and DIY. ‘Strange Neighbour’ is the first slice to be served from Folly Group’s series of rewarding recording sessions that took place earlier this year. The track arrives accompanied by its music video, a fever dream created by those at CLUMP Collective. 

An accessible piece of paranoid funk that further displays the growth of Folly Group, a band that seemed to appear fully-formed when they first burst onto the scene, the band’s Sean Harper says of the track:

Strange Neighbour walks a couple of related lines at once. Louis’s verses and choruses are an ode to the community as it dematerialises. Urban areas become un-neighbourly as spiralling rents force most people our age to move annually, and that’s if they’re lucky. He continues, ‘At the same time, when it was being written, we had a sense that some of the music our peers were making came from a sneering, holier-than-thou place, voyeuristically skewing strangers’ perspectives to misrepresent another point of view and making their own more righteous. So, “Strange Neighbour” is about recognising your own strangeness and that of your neighbours, because when two people from opposing walks of life meet, who’s normal?

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