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floodhounds band press shot 2019FloodHounds have recently released Out of Time – a vibrant, high energy track written to an ex-lover. A vicious guitar riff kicks the track off, and the Sheffield indie-rockers live up to the high standards set by their previous songs. 2019 has been a successful year for the trio, who have played a range of live shows including their biggest hometown gig to date at Record Junkee.

Out of Time is loud and dynamic. BBC Introducing Sheffield gave the track the recognition that it deserved and crowned it as track of the week. Frontman Jack plays edgy, razor sharp guitar riffs and chords consistently throughout the whole track. This is assisted by the punching drum beat striked by Lauren, which is sharp and precise, and of course the meticulous bass line offered by Joel. This track features lyrics based on what we can assume is aimed towards an ex-lover; ‘I should have let you slip away’ is one of the recurring lines in the chorus, and the trio recognise that they’re ‘out of time’.

Full of guitar licks, funky drum beats and a precise bass line, it’s clear that the time has only just begun for Sheffield trio FloodHounds, and they most definitely aren’t out of time.

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