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Daniel Angelus

Independent dream pop singer-songwriter Daniel Angelus delivers a gut wrenching story of heartbreak through a shimmering pop anthem; More Than You Love Me dazzles listeners with decadent production and relatable lyricism. While this track is cathartic, energetic, and intensely danceable, Angelus faces anguish head-on through his lyrics. The result is a raw, emotional project dripping in vulnerability.

It is clear that Angelus was thoughtful and intentional, not only with the production and instrumentation, but with his performance as well. The manner in which he delivered a track filled with such pain and depth — yet kissed with a glamorous sparkle — is nothing short of impressive. Reminiscent of artists like David Bowie, Angelus – with clear 1980’s pop influence – revels in individuality, passion, and raw artistry.

Sonically, More Than You Love Me is an absolute treat; the experience is characterized by ambient reverb decorated with sparkling synth floating atop crisp percussion. The emotional pre-chorus, “Cos you love him more than I love you, cos you love him more than you love me,” presents itself in front of harmonious backing vocals harboring undertones of grief and passion.

The melancholic pre-chorus sets the perfect foundation to thrust listeners into the booming chorus marked by a striking chord change. The open, colorfully major harmony yields a spotlight for Angelus to embrace the longing for his lover he is suffering through. “I’m just in a hard place, and I need you right now,” he admits in a passionate exclaim, “I’m just breathing in the smoke from this heartbreak.” Angelus uses the chorus as a powerful moment in which he shows desperation for reciprocity, in contrast to the already-accepted-defeat verses. “Need you right now,” he repeats at the end of the chorus, yielding a haunting bellow for reciprocity

This single demonstrates that Angelus does not shy away from vulnerability; More Than You Love Me embodies his experience, deepest emotions, and confronts his darkest truths. Angelus delivers a piece of himself through this single, leaving listeners absolutely craving more.

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