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What started as the USA’s first touring indie disco has turned into somewhat of a musical passion project and the final result is nothing other than magical. Dance Yourself Clean is the new name for Seattle Duo “DYC” who have just released their new single Something’s Changed.

Smothered in synthesizers and electronic drum pads Something’s Changed is the perfect tune that will keep everybody happy. The element of pop shines through on the track making it a bright and breezy dance anthem that still embraces sweating it out in a nightclub with sticky floors and chewing gum on the door handles whilst appealing to summer days in a field with old friends, new friends and the ones you met ten minutes ago.

The track is instantly uplifting and curates a joyful and special atmosphere with a clear purpose of enticing people to dance until they crash out on the floor. The song would no doubt enrich any festival or party experience with its familiar indie vocals and the nostalgic blend of dance and pop.

Something’s Changed is certainly for fans of Two Door Cinema Club and whilst it might feel too close to the bone at first the finer details make this track stand out on its own.

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