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New York’s Charly Bliss have today shared their new single, I Need A New Boyfriend, paired with its hilarious accompanying video directed by the band’s Dan Shure. The single follows on from the release of You Don’t Even Know Me Anymore, which was released earlier this year to critical praise.

Of the single, vocalist, Eva Hendricks states:

I think the best breakup songs are celebratory. Thankfully, decades of dating the wrong people have prepared me to write the emo, palm-muted breakup song of my dreams,’ she continues, ‘I was in Australia when Dan had the idea for this video, so we had to create a fictional Bliss Bar where we could all be together for Speed Dating Night. I bought the entire clay aisle of our local craft store and had a lot of fun creating a miniature version of the set that we could all be green-screened into. Dan is the world’s best director and editor and did an incredible job pulling everything together. Please contact CB Worldwide if you believe you may be entitled to a new boyfriend.

Bringing the music video to life, the band have also created the ‘Bliss Finder’ website, a dating profile generator which assists fans on their quest for a ‘new boyfriend’.

Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

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