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Boston Manor share new single, ‘Sliding Doors’, their second release of 2024. Featuring spiking distortion and rich grooves, the track explores the significant impact that seemingly small actions in our daily lives can have. ‘Sliding Doors’ is a track that connects back to the roots of Boston Manor in many ways.

Lead singer Henry Cox says of the track:

Sliding Doors is named after that movie of the same name. I called it that because when we were writing it I started thinking about all of the decisions that I’ve made that have led me to the life I have and how circumstantial a lot of it is. It got me thinking about how Boston Manor started. I’d had a few conversations with Dan [Cunniff, bass] and Mike [Cunniff, lead guitar] (who I barely knew at the time) about starting a band. But at that time I was in art school in a different city and I had a bunch of other stuff going on. I was also starting like two other bands with different people so I figured it was just something that you talk about.

‘Sliding Doors’ is a concept used by the band to illustrate that as we navigate through life and make choices, certain aspects of ourselves fade away whilst new ones take shape. The person we ultimately become may be determined by chance. This theme is further examined in the tracks accompanying video, as Cox continues:

We tried to reflect this in the music video, the idea being it’s loads of different realities, some of which I’m a musician some of which I’m doing something totally different. The die-hard fans might recognise the final location which is where we shot our very first music video, long since scrubbed from the internet. In a way the band we’re in now feels like an alternate reality to the band we started. I look back at old videos and I barely recognise us.

Boston Manor head out on a lengthy UK and Europe tour this month. Dates can be found below. Tickets are available here*.

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