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TikTok has turned Beach Bunny’s (a.k.a. Lili Trifilio) 2020 song Cloud 9 into a trend and she is looking to cash in. In a series of tweets, the burgeoning indie artist revealed Canadian pop band Tegan and Sara (made up of Tegan and Sara Quin) will join her for a special new version of the song to be released Friday.

Before finally divulging the names, she made her fans attempt to guess the upcoming feature with a series of riddles.

“Hey all! are you ready to find out who I collabed with?” Beach Bunny tweeted. “Let’s see if you can figure it out from these hints.”

The hints:

  • They are two of her favorite artists,
  • From North America but not the US, and
  • Apart of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Surprisingly, many in the comment section actually guessed the duo correctly.

Cloud 9 was a standout from the well-received 2020 debut album Honeymoon via Mom+Pop. This year Beach Bunny followed up with the release of an EP titled Blame Game. Check out the original version of Cloud 9 below.

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