Teesside five piece Be Quiet. Shout Loud! have released their next single titled She’d Say (She’s Going Out On Friday) which is the 5th single taken from their upcoming album. The track holds the sentiment of an indie disco with sticky floors and platform shoes but strips itself bare of all boundaries blurring the lines between 80’s pop and 90’s rock. Listen below.

At first listen you may feel that the sound is too familiar but it’s the small intricacies that make the song a small stroke of musical genius. The track captures the essence of a rock band from the second you hit play, it opens with a heavy guitar riff that instantly grabs your attention but then deep dives into elusive 80s synth beats that match so perfectly with the raw guitar sounds.


The marriage between the powerful guitar and nostalgic 80’s synthesizers lifts this track from the generic indie tune that lends itself to strongbow and sticky dancefloors to a track embodied with proud, prominent prowess with vocals ignited by passion and confidence. The small key changes before and after the chorus give the song a character of it’s own that is brilliantly played throughout with use of subtle backing vocals and a ridiculously catchy tune.

The charming vocals of lead singer Jake Radio really uplift the song and bring passion and a raw sublime chorus that puts all attention on the song and removes any outside distractions.

This song is suited to fans of, rock, pop and synth heavy tracks which proves how much ambition Be Quiet. Shout Loud! have and showcases their confidence as a band.


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