Arkells drop new single ‘Quitting You’, reveal ‘Campfire Chords’

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Following on from Years In The Making, Canadian rockers Arkells have just revealed their new single Quitting You. The acoustic ballad follows on from critically acclaimed album Rally Cry, which was released in 2018. Quitting You comes with a video shot by band frontman Max Kerman in one take on his phone. Watch and listen below.

Quitting You is part of the upcoming Campfire Chords project, a compilation of stripped back versions of their favourite songs. Out on 20th August. Campfire Chords exhibits this side of Arkells for the first time. Due to Covid-19 and quarantine, the band decided to put work on their upcoming studio album on halt and instead went back to their singer-songwriter roots. The full tracklisting and artwork for Campfire Chords can be found below.

Arkells - Campfire Chords Album Art

Campfire Chords tracklisting:

  1. Knocking At The Door
  2. Quitting You
  3. Years In The Making
  4. Whistleblower
  5. Michigan Left
  6. I’m Not The Sun
  7. Don’t Be A Stranger
  8. Come To Light
  9. A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)
  10. Eyes On The Prize
  11. Book Club
  12. And Then Some
  13. Kiss Cam
  14. My Heart’s Always Yours
  15. Hand Me Downs
  16. 11:11
  17. Relentless
  18. Leather Jacket
  19. Take Me Home (Outro)

This Sunday, 2nd August,A rkells will perform Quitting You as well as Years In The Making as part of the opening weekend for NHL hockey’s return to play. The performance will be their first in over four months.

Campfire Chords is available to pre-order as of now.

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