Today has seen Brooklyn’s Sister. share their latest single, Hideaway, the first track to be taken from their upcoming EP, Something / Nothing which is set to be released on September 10th via AWAL. Listen below.

Upon first listen, ‘Hideaway’ feels quite simplistic, yet more layers make themselves known with every listen, spotlighting it’s lyrics as ethereal instrumentation builds with swelling guitars and looping strings at the forefront. 


Speaking about the track, Hannah Pruzinsky states:

Hideaway is that space where someone can exist wholly. That secret place where you can be without a guise, without fear, you can never reveal too much. It’s a desire for the safety that intimacy holds.

The band are already creating a buzz in New York City off the strength of their previous material, and their second EP Something / Nothing promises to see them reach new heights. The EP was recorded alongside multi-instrumentalist and engineer Dylan McKinstry and intends to welcome listeners to a new intimacy with the band – showcasing the themes of an unrequited-self-sabotaging love and the evolving, confusing relationship you have with yourself.

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Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

Katie Macbeth is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre based out of Manchester, presenter of @drunktankthink, and post punk enthusiast.

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