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Australian artist Michael Butera is making his mark on the UK scene with his cinematic ballad, The Green Garden. His UK debut sees Butera describing the ideal isolated, fantasy life he wants with his love over a big alt-pop instrumental. Listen below.

With tasteful, delicate strings to fill the gaps of a simple waltzing piano, Butera describes the perfect life he wants to share with his love interest declaring “we can build a house in the land far away, distance between them with trees in the way”. Spidery guitar lines weave in and out in the background as the track builds to form the scene of someone adventuring through a bright mythical, otherworldly forest. Butera describes how they, with their family, will live there in a perfect made up land away from everyone else, living in peace amongst nature.

This particular song has been a precious loved one standing on the side waiting for the perfect moment for it to have it’s chance in the spotlight and to be shared with the world.

As a self-proclaimed movie fan Butera has admitted to intentionally incorporating cinematic elements into all of his music. The Green Garden was written as Butera was exploring the world. His experience in Canada allowed him to explore his imagination, desiring to live in a fantastical type place with his true love where they would live in the perfect house with the perfect garden to live “happily ever after”.

Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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