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Low Lying Sun drop anthemic debut EP ‘Hymn To Say Goodbye’ + ‘Car Crash’ video

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Low Lying Sun have just released their anthemic debut EP, Hymn To Say Goodbye, as well as a video for the band’s standout single Car Crash

An EP that blends melancholy with anthemic energy, Hymn To Say Goodbye invites the listener to mourn a love lost while celebrating a life lived to the fullest. The EP, which includes the previously shared title-track, is a cohesive introduction to their wide and intense direction.


Speaking about the new EP, the band commented:

This EP has been two years in the making so for it to be finally out feels almost surreal. We wanted our first release to represent what we envisage our ‘sound’ to be; an upbeat, melancholic style of alternative indie. Even though the songs were written at different times and in different places we felt that they shared a collective theme. I suppose they’re all love songs in a way, but marred by an apathetic grief.

A video has also been released to support the EP track Car Crash. The band add about the visuals:

For the Car Crash video we tried to play with the idea of impending tragedy. The characters in the video exist in some kind of purgatory, still embracing whilst accompanied by the frantic imagery of the band. We wanted to create a sense of confusion, feeding the viewer snippets of the story to build anticipation, much like the song itself.

In celebration of the release of Hymn To Say Goodbye, Low Lying Sun will play London’s The Lexington on April 14th as part of Communion New Music Night.


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